2017 // Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen

“Lykkepromille” is a campaign from the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen to raise awareness around alcohol consumption amongst students. The app lets the user register alcohol consumption and based on a set of variables the app displays the current blood alcohol level (BAC) and the projected level during the next hours. Users receive notifications when entering and exiting certain levels.

The app uses advanced calculations based on the publication “Estimation of Blood Alcohol Concentration – Widmark Revisited” by Posey & Mozayani, and includes variables for amount, time, adbsorption speed, burning rate, Widmarks factor (amount of water in body) and body weight.

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Our role

Counseling, concept, UX and UI. End-to-end specifications and documentation, advanced calculations, native iOS and Android app development, QA, user testing & maintenance.