Husk Hva Du Har

2016 // SpareBank1 Medlemskort AS

Members of LO trade unions already have Norway’s best home insurance. The only home insurance with no upper limit.

To extend their service LOfavør offers “Husk Hva Du Har” as an exclusive service to all their members. The service let’s them upload and store images and information of all valuable products in their homes to more easily remember what have been lost in case of any accident. The service let’s the user tag and arrange their content and export a ready-made PDF report for the insurance company.

The service is available on iOS, Android or their responsive website.

About LO (Landsorganisasjonen i Norge)
The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) is a national trade union center. Decidedly the largest and probably the most influential umbrella organization of labour unions in Norway. The 21 national unions affiliated to LO have almost 1 million members of a Norwegian population of 5 million.

Our role

Counseling, design, end-to-end specifications and documentation, iOS development, Android development, responsive web site development, user testing & maintenance.

In partnership with the communication bureau Supertanker and backend supplier Evry.