2017 // Forbundet for Ledelse og Teknikk

FLT is an association that organizes engineers and technical officers from all fields in the private sector. They are organized within the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and support around 21 000 members.

The FLT app serves their members and union representatives with an tailor-made communication platform. The messaging services is tightly integrated with their member databases to ensure that all rules in regards to roles and permissions are taken care of.

The app also serves as a recruitment tool for onboarding new members to the association with ease.


Available on the App Store Get it on Google play

Our role

Counseling, concept and design, end-to-end specifications and documentation, system architecture, native iOS and Android app development, backend and web platform development (messaging services), integrations, QA, user testing & maintenance.

In partnership with the communication bureau Supertanker.