The most common engagement model is project based.
Either on a fixed budget or with a dynamic agreement.

Fixed budget projects

This model is suitable for projects with a short life cycle where the scope and requirements are fixed and completely clear up front. Such projects do not have the luxury of agility or market change response.

Through a discovery project we work together to determine the user stories that will make up the minimal viable product (MVP). This project is billable because it will usually involve a project manager, a tech lead and a UI/UX resource. The deliverable from the discovery project is a specification and wire frames describing the flow of the delivery.

This model works well for non-technical customers with a clear vision of business requirements. It is also suitable for technical customers with requirements that are well defined.

Dynamic projects

This model is suitable for projects with a longer life cycle where the scope and requirements is not very clear from the beginning. You have a good idea of what you want to accomplish but need help on the concept and the specification. Our assistance is more pro-active and we help out in all defining parts in the introduction of the project.

Also here we complete a discovery project. The outcome of this project enables us to give a realistic estimation and time line of the project. We agree on hourly rates depending on the scope of the project.

Dynamic projects usually lives within quartely or even yearly budget frames, and leaves both parties more flexible and pro-active.

Example of process

Introduction meeting


Discovery project

Research, specification, first design and estimates


Design and Prototyping



Specification and integrations

Full technical specification and backend integration solutions


Client sign-off

Last stop before production starts. Let’s go!



Our developers work side-by-side during the project


Internal test phase

Our QA engineers write and run all their QA tests


Client / user test phase

Test phase for client and if budget, then also user testing


Release and maintain

When ready, we release. Maintenance follows together with plans for changes and new features.

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