Focus on your core business and let us handle the technical challenges

Partner agreement

In many of our projects Apphuset operates as a sub contractor for our partners towards their clients. Our partner focuses on their core business and offering, while they leave the technical delivery in our hands. And for the trust we are given, in return we offer our partner revenue share models both in the initial project and on the future maintenance and development.

What’s in it for our partner?

  • Access to an up’n’running professional app, web and backend team with 7 years experience
  • Partner fully owns the projects (builds value)
  • Extend your service offering
  • Increase your revenue and margins on initial project
  • Solid margin on all future development of the projects
  • Effective methods of cooperation (sell-in, project run, business) over time
  • Risk- and cost free team scaling
  • Cost effective solution for development of your own products and services

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