Enabling your startup to go mobile


small-rocketIGNITE – for cool startups

At Apphuset we have an experienced team of tech architects, designers and developers. We have created and launched more than 130 apps in the mobile market place.

Start-ups usually need to form partnerships with other firms to enable their business model. We know your time is limited (you are in a startup after all!), so here is our Ignite-model in as few words as possible.


  • Because the world is going mobile and because mobile is traction
  • Are your competitors still web-only?
  • Engage your users through mobile and push forward to your next investment level


  • Work with our experienced teams to scope your MVP for mobile
  • We exchange startup friendly prices in return for equity

…and then?

Take advantage of our IGNITE maintenance level to extend the lifetime of your app after launch.

90% of our business is ENTERPRISE, but we decided to leave 10% for IGNITE.
Get in touch today to see if your startup qualifies!

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